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Prensas Hidráulicas (Stright side press)

The model CM straight side press is perfect for full length forming at full tonnage as well as left to right and off-center loading at full tonnage via our extremely heavy duty gibbing system and enclosed end frame design. The model CM also allows full front to back off-center loading the entire width of the press bed. No other design of press will give you more tonnage over the bed area.

The model CM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area than the smaller bed DCSS presses. The CM is able to hold tolerance left to right much better than a direct hydraulic design due to its bellcrank linkage that gives the press full tonnage from one end of the press to the other.

Our single cylinder design develops full tonnage anywhere along the bed left to right and front to back. The bellcrank linkage system is actuated with a single cylinder utilizing A660 bronze at the bearing points. These off the shelf material bearings are designed to withstand up to 6 times the machines overall tonnage and they are covered by our extensive 5 year parts warranty. The model CM is truly designed to accept virtually all forms of press applications whether it is punching, forming, blanking, coining, swedging, die tryout, trimming, drawing and so on. The CM is available up to 1,000 tons and particularly excels at progressive die set ups where you have varying amounts of tonnage being applied across the bed all in the same stroke.

100% made in the USA with our unmatched 5 year parts warranty plus a lifetime of readily available parts all from your local suppliers. You will never have another «orphaned» machine due to an overseas manufacturer who can’t get you parts or a domestic manufacturer with proprietary parts that forces you to buy everything from them. With Standard Industrial you will always be able to get the part you need for the lifetime of the machine from any number of sources available to you.